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The Tutorial is available as a game mode that will walk players through the basics of Dwelvers.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Dwelvers[edit | edit source]

Let's start with some camera basics. Zoom the camera in and out with the 'MOUSESCROLL' or the 'T' and the 'G' keys.

Move around the camera[edit | edit source]

Good job, now try moving around the camera with the 'W', 'S', 'A' and the 'D' keys.

Rotate the camera[edit | edit source]

The next step is to rotate and tilt the camera, do this by holding down the 'MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON' and draging the mouse around on the screen. This can also be achieved with the 'Q', 'E', 'R' and the 'F' keys.

Time to mine[edit | edit source]

Now it is time to put the imps to work! Mine out a 3x3 room next to my room and let your imps claim the area, do this by left-clicking on the tiles that are flashing with the pickaxe tool.

Build bedrooms[edit | edit source]

All creatures in your dungeon needs sleep, make them a bedroom with the size 3x3 in the newly excavated area.

Build beds[edit | edit source]

Now build beds for the imps, orcs, and the piggehs, do this by right-clicking in the bedroom and selecting the beds. You will notice that the imp bed requires rope and wood, these can both be harvests from the roots sticking out of the dirt blocks in the dungeon.

Fetching water[edit | edit source]

To bake bread you need water and flour. Start by building a well from the constructions menu onto an empty tile in the dungeon.

Time to farm[edit | edit source]

Next up we need antroots, these grows in the farmland. Build a farm room and a 2x2 farmland inside it.

Grind the antroots[edit | edit source]

While we wait for the antroots to grow we can start preparing the flour production by building a mill in the farm room.

Baking bread[edit | edit source]

The food will not last forever, build a cookery room with a baking table inside it.

Prepare your barroom[edit | edit source]

Next up is to give your creatures a place to eat. Mine out a new area and build them a barroom with a table and a bar chair next to it.

Keep your minions drunk[edit | edit source]

Now you seem to get a hang of it, now you know how to produce creatures and how to keep them well rested and well fed. But the orcs requires beer as well to be happy, build them a brewing vat in the cookery room.

Kill the humans[edit | edit source]

Nice job, now all that is left is for you to kill the humans. I have marked out the area leading to them, and don't forget to use the rally flag to call your army to that location.